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Welcome to Horse Dildo UK! I began scouring the world to find the biggest horse dildos in 2018 and as my collection began to build I felt called to share my passion. I'm certain we have exactly what you are looking for -  Isabelle xxx

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The Ultimate Guide For Choosing Horse Dildo For Beginners

Animal dildos have long been among the most popular sex toys on the market. From dog knot dildos to cat tail butt plugs, there is no end to the sex toy tributes to our furry friends. While these toys are a lot of fun, there are none that capture the imagination, get pulses running or stretch the holes quite like horse dildos. 

At Horse Dildo UK, we are committed to putting the Neigh! in your naughty play with a huge range of different horse dildos and sex toys. We have created a collection of the highest-quality, pleasure-providing horse dildos anywhere online or offline so whatever stallion you are looking to ride, we have you covered.

What is a Horse Dildo?

As their name suggests, horse dildos are specially designed fantasy sex toys which are created to replicate the massive members of real-life horses. They are used in a range of different types of roleplay and sexual fantasy enactments and are loved by men and women alike. They can be used for masturbation and partner play and guarantee serious orgasms. 

What is a Horse Dildo Used For?

You name it, your horse dildo can do it! Horse dildos are massive sex toys which makes them perfect for all the size kings and queens who crave those extra inches. They can be used for straight-up penetration, double penetration, foreplay, oral sex and stretching tight holes for anal sex. All of this makes the horse dildo one of the most versatile and knee-knockingly pleasurable sex toys on the market.

What are Horse Dildos Made From?

Horse dildos in general come in a range of different materials of varying quality but at Horse Dildo UK, all of our sex toys are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. This is the best material for premium dildos because it is flexible, durable and can be moulded into the unique, intricate designs needed for our horse dildos. Silicone is completely non-harmful, non-toxic and won’t cause any allergies so you can play with your horse dildo from dawn until dusk without any health risks. 

How to Look After Your Horse Dildos

To keep your horse dildo clean, wash it before and after use with anti-bacterial soap and sterilise it regularly either in boiling water or in the dishwasher (just move the plates out of the way!) It is also important that you only use water- or oil-based lubes with your horse dildo because a silicone-based dildo will degrade its surface.

What are the Different Types of Horse Dildos?

There are so many different types of horse dildos for you to enjoy no matter what your own kinks, desires and fantasies. At Horse Dildo UK, we have a huge range of horse dildos which will satisfy all your stallion urges. These include:

Double-Ended Horse Dildos

Double-ended horse dildos are the ultimate partner play toys. With a double-ended horse dildo, both you and your partner can insert one end into the hole of your choice and cum together. These dildos are incredibly flexible so you can try out a range of positions without them popping out. You can even bend them to 180 degrees to use for double penetration to pleasure your vagina and ass at the same time.

Ejaculating Horse Dildos

Ejaculating horse dildos are a lot of fun and will take your sex toy play to a whole new dimension. These dildos have all the giant shagging power of a regular horse dildo but with the added bonus of being able to deliver a massive cumshot all over you and inside you. All you need to do is fill the dildo with fake cum, real cum or anything else you want to squirt and then pump the attached pump until it sprays you down like a firehose. We have a range of different ejaculating horse dildos so you can find the perfect toy for blasting you into orgasms like you’ve never experienced before.

Huge Horse Dildos

Nobody wants a toy pony cock ploughing away at them (it defies the whole point of having a horse dildo!) so we have a collection of huge horse dildos which will fill and fulfil you to the most extreme limits. From the giant Seabiscuit dildo to the mythical Red Rum dildo, there are some famous horse cocks to feed in your stables.

Realistic Horse Dildos

The great thing about a horse dildo is that it isn’t just the size of the real thing but it has all the veined texture of a true stallion’s package. Our range of realistic horse dildos pack a serious punch in pussies, asses, mouths and anywhere else you choose to put them.

Weird Horse Dildos

If there is anything better in this world than a noble steed it is a mythical horse-like creature, galloping through your sexual fantasies and imaginations. Our range of weird horse dildos are designed like unicorn horns, fiery pegasus cocks and all the other wild beasts we (wet) dream of at night. We even have double shaft weird horse dildos which are ideal for double penetration or to share with your partner like two cowboys or cowboys riding off into the sunset.

**We are always adding new items to our horse dildos collection so if there is something you are interested in but can’t see on our website, get in touch and we will see what we can do!**

How to Order Horse Dildos

At Horse Dildo UK, we want to make the process of ordering your new stallion sex toys as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a number of different payment options, all of which are 100% safe and secure. We also provide free express shipping on all orders when you spend £50 or more so that you don’t need to wait too long before you are saddling up your new toy for a ride! All orders are packaged discreetly to avoid the scrutiny of nosy postmen and will arrive in your hands (and holes) before you even have time to get the stirrups on.

Browse our full range of amazing horse dildos and order your new toy today!

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