The Ultimate Guide to Double Ended Horse Dildos

Welcome to the wild, unfenced prairies of sexual experimentation. In these fields of joy, the double ended horse dildo reigns supreme, prancing proudly at the frontier of adventurous intimacy. Double ended horse dildos aren’t your plain old pleasure ponies – they are silicone stallions of a whole different breed.

double ended horse dildo

So if you are ready to saddle up and start galloping on your own sexual stallion, here is our ultimate guide to double ended horse dildos.

What are Double Ended Horse Dildos?

Double-ended horse dildos, the equestrian princes of the sex toy world, are exactly what they sound like – dildos inspired by the giant appendages of mighty steeds with two ends for double the pleasure. They are made from the highest grade body-safe silicone and are designed with realistic veins, horse heads and massive ball suction cups. Double ended horse dildos are serious sex toys both in girth and length which will guarantee you hole-stuffing, toe-curling, earth-shattering fun.

The double-ended design serves a unique dual purpose: shared pleasure or double penetration. That means you can either partner up with each of you using a different end of the dildo and canter to coordinate climaxes or you can flex the dildo to 180 degrees for double penetration. Double ended horse dildos can be used for solo fun, male and female stimulation, partner play, oral, vaginal and anal sex and any other type of naughtiness you can imagine.

Choosing the Right Double Ended Horse Dildo:

Picking the thoroughbred with the best odds of filling your holes and fulfilling your desires can be a whole lot of fun! 

First of all, you will need to consider the material. The best double ended horse dildos in the stable are made from premium silicone which feels and looks great, is 100% safe to use and is easy to clean and look after. Silicone is also very flexible which is always an important feature for any double ended dildo. 

You will then need to choose the right size. Whether you are planning a solo ride or a joint effort, it is always better to choose a longer double ended horse dildo because this will give you more inches to play with and be easier to bend to your will. The perfect girth will depend on your own personal preferences but there are double ended horse dildos to suit every need.

How to Use Your Double Ended Horse Dildo

If this is your first rodeo, don’t despair! Let us take the reins and explain how to use your double ended horse dildo:

1. Check Your Toy 

Before using your double ended horse dildo, inspect it thoroughly. Make sure there are no cracks or other damage that could cause injury or pose any health or hygiene issues. Clean the dildo properly using soap or warm water or a specialised sex toy cleaner. 

2. Lubricate 

Next, apply a generous amount of lube to your double ended horse dildo and your body. This is important with all sex toys but particularly with horse dildos which tend to be seriously big. Water-based lubricants are typically a safe choice as they are compatible with silicone toys.

3. Saddle Up 

Get yourself into a comfortable position. If you're using the double-ended horse dildo for solo play, consider positions that offer easy access and control. For double penetration, you may want to position the dildo in a way that it can pleasure both your butt and vagina.

If you're using the toy with a partner, communication is key. Make sure to convey what feels good and what doesn't. Synchronise your movements to maintain a pleasurable rhythm and if discomfort arises, stop and tell your partner.

4. Start Slowly

Don't rush the process. Start slow, gently inserting the dildo. Give yourself time to adjust to the sensation and size of the toy. If you are riding solo, you may want to begin with only one end, gradually working your way to use the second end when you are ready.

5. Clean Up

Once you are completely satisfied, make sure to clean your double ended horse dildo thoroughly and store it properly. This will help maintain the toy's longevity and your personal hygiene.

Final Thoughts

So if you are all set to buckaroo yourself to new heights of pleasure, double ended horse dildos are the ultimate sex toys. Perfect for solo cowboys and cowgirls or for pleasuring an entire sheriff’s posse all at once, no serious sex toy collection is complete without a double ended horse dildo. In fact, we recommend a whole stable full!